Dash to Denmark

Sometimes you have meticulously planned trips with well-developed itineraries and precise schedules and sometimes you find a $400 flight to Copenhagen over spring break and don’t have even enough time to open your Lonely Planet before you leave for the airport. While I have managed to book a few places to stay and one train ticket across Denmark, I’m taking off in a few hours for a long flight for a short trip to a new country, with fewer plans in place than any trip I have taken.

That being said, a 12-hour flight from San Francisco to Zurich will offer ample opportunity to make some plans to maximize the time I have available during my quick visit and I suspect that, even if I spend 90% of my time just aimlessly wandering about, I’ll have an excellent experience.

I’ve absolutely never traveled overseas with less knowledge of my destination in mind before the trip. I know that Copenhagen is supposed to be a trendy city with excellent food, its rough geographic location and that the language spoken there is somewhat more understandable than Icelandic. I’m also aware of a statue of the Little Mermaid. Other than those details and my general knowledge about the country, I can’t say that I know much—other than how excited I am to explore a new country, even in a short window of time.

I’ll certainly be posting some pictures over the next few days, and I hope you all find some time for excellent adventures of your own.