More on Ruby Payne…

Last week, in a post about education and poverty, I took a pretty critical look at Ruby Payne, a popular, if misguided, advocate for ‘middle class values’–whatever those are. It turns out that I’m not alone in my criticism. Lee Enterprise’s Jodi Rave offered a critical look in the Gazette today:

And while middle-class educators tend to embrace her teachings, a growing number of others are revolting against her teachings. Her work, they say, promotes stereotypes, lacks research and devalues students of color while ignoring pertinent issues, such as gender, culture and race.

“Ultimately, Payne seems to want students in poverty to assimilate into a system they experience often as oppressive, and she calls on predominantly middle-class teachers to facilitate and enforce this assimilation,” wrote Paul Gorski in the Teachers College Record: The Voice of Scholarship in Education.

Unfortunately, Payne will be coming back to Montana to peddle her soft racism:

Meanwhile, Payne continues to make her rounds on the lively education workshop circuit. Montana’s Elementary Principals Association is sponsoring a full-day workshop in which Payne will share her poverty views with state educators on Jan. 31.

It’s a good think Payne is being asked to share her ‘views’, not her ‘research’. It’d be a short conference if she were to focus on the latter.