Washington State: Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Republican Administrations

Look, the next faith-based administration isn’t going to need any people who have written dissertations, attended Ivy League schools, or written research papers. You want to tear down the liberal elite with their emphasis on facts? Hire the students of Washington state to write policy papers:

But when it comes to the writing section, there’s one rule they can break: They can make things up. Statistics. Experts. Quotes. Whatever helps make their point…

“Statistics in a WASL paper can be made up by you, the writer!” says a PowerPoint presentation that the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) created to be used this summer for students who fail the WASL this spring. And, a little later: “On the WASL, you can invent an important expert and have that person say something to bolster your opinion.”

Always a trendsetter, Donald Rumsfeld appears to have hired some of these bright, outside the box thinkers already to write his National Security Strategy.