Reasonable Success for Week 1 of Operation Marshmallow 7.0

Week one was not exactly an unqualified success as I have had an inexplicable craving for the biscuits and gravy at Gil’s Goods in Livingston that might be the first sign of incipient madness and I ate a Dive cookie before 10:00 a.m. yesterday. Despite those shortcomings, I met my calorie goals for the week and managed to drop 7 pounds in week one, my first sustained commitment to a diet program since nearly seven years ago.

The Dive cookie was, strangely enough, probably something positive. The typical pattern with healthy dieting for me is that one failure in a day becomes an excuse to throw the day away. This time, I just had to suffer a bit during the afternoon to pay for the bad choice, and I was able to stay on track.

For week 2, the plan will be to match the calorie goals (1,500/day) and get from 12,000 steps a day to 15,000.

Week 1 Stats

Weight Lost/Gained: -7
Average Calories: 1,373
Average Steps: 12, 128